Graduate Student Incentive Program

The Graduate School is providing a lump-sum five percent supplemental stipend to students who have been awarded nationally competitive fellowships of $10,000 or more annually. Called the Graduate Student Incentive Program, the purpose of GSIP is to help attract students who win nationally competitive fellowships to UK for graduate study.

An example of a GSIP is a new National Science Foundation fellow with a $30,000 annual stipend. This fellow would be awarded an additional $1,500 from the Graduate School each year the fellow receives the national fellowship and is a UK degree-seeking graduate student. (Students on reserve years are not eligible to receive GSIP.)

Students from all areas of graduate study at the University of Kentucky are eligible to apply for a GSIP upon award of an eligible national fellowship. Eligible national fellowships include those from federal agencies (NSF, NIH, NASA, NEH, and similar graduate fellowship programs) and those from major non-profit foundations (Mellon, Woodrow Wilson, Ford, and similar foundations), that are awarded competitively to students from multiple disciplines. In order to be eligible, the national fellowship must be paid through the University of Kentucky Human Resources System. The Graduate School may approve other fellowship programs that meet similar criteria, if requested by a department.

Only students newly awarded an external fellowship are eligible to be nominated. While there is no specific deadline for the GSIP, the department must nominate the student within the first semester that they receive the award. Students are ineligible for retroactive awards and will forfeit their eligibility if they are not nominated within this timeframe.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Is this application for a new or renewal GSIP?
  2. This fellowship requires a nomination from your UK Director of Graduate Studies (DGS). Has your DGS nominated you for this fellowship?
  3. Please upload a new or renewal DGS Nomination Form for this fellowship: (See link entitled "DGS Nomination Forms" at the very bottom of page for download).
  4. FOR NEW GSIP APPLICATIONS ONLY: Please upload a copy of the official award letter/notice, indicating the effective dates and stipend amount of the external fellowship.