Lyman T. Johnson Fellowship

For Incoming First-Year Students
Applications Open: January 22, 2024
Application Deadline: Rolling; reviews begin February 15 and end April 15

Amount: Academic year (Fall-Spring) stipend of $20,000 (PhD) or $10,000 (Masters), plus a standard graduate tuition scholarship (does not cover all course, lab, instrument and distance learning fees). Student health plan enrollment is provided for all recipients.

Lyman T. Johnson was the first Black student to enroll as a graduate student at the University of Kentucky in 1949 after a successful legal challenge. He embodied a courage in pursuit of scholarship and development that continues to inspire all who work and study at UK. In his honor, the Lyman T. Johnson (LTJ) Fellowship is available for students entering one of the many programs at the University of Kentucky Graduate School. Applicants must describe, in an essay, how their pursuit of graduate education reflects the values of the fellowship’s namesake. The application must be accompanied by the support of the program’s Director of Graduate Studies. Awards are highly competitive, as we receive many more applications than can be funded each year.

You can find a more in-depth biography about Lyman T. Johnson and his legacy here:

PhD students who receive an LTJ Fellowship are eligible to apply for a second year of funding for completion of the dissertation. An application is required, and recipients must have maintained a minimum 3.2 GPA, be making good progress toward their degree and have participated in appropriate professional development activities. An LTJ recipient may apply in their 3rd, 4th, or 5th year (for year 4, 5, or 6). Students are expected to complete their dissertation in the fellowship year, and so will ordinarily not receive any subsequent support.

Masters students are eligible for one year of support only.

Criteria for Eligibility:

New students must be admitted to both the Graduate School and an academic program and have an activated LinkBlue and UK email address before they can apply. Applications will be evaluated based on holistic, individualized assessment of each applicant, including:

The applicant’s response to the essay prompt
Leadership experience, extracurricular activities, awards and recognition, and/or community service, as evidenced in the applicant’s c.v. or other materials
Academic preparation and promise
Letters of recommendation
Students must apply for the LTJ through the Graduate School Fellowship Portal. Students’ application will include:

Two letters of recommendation (please provide email addresses for two recommenders; these may be letters used for the original application to the program)
A copy of the unofficial transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended
A resume or Curriculum Vitae
A brief essay on how the applicant’s pursuit of graduate education reflects the values of the fellowship’s namesake
The name and email of the student’s Director of Graduate Studies, who will receive an email from the fellowship application system to provide an assessment of the student’s potential to succeed in their program

Supplemental Questions
  1. This fellowship requires a nomination from your UK Director of Graduate Studies (DGS). Has your DGS nominated you for this fellowship?
  2. Please upload a DGS Nomination Form for this fellowship: (See link entitled "DGS Nomination Forms" at the very bottom of page for download).
  3. What level of degree are you pursuing?
  4. GPA
    • 1. Please enter your current, cumulative undergraduate level GPA. If your GPA is on a scale other than 4.0, please include the scale in the comments section at the end of this application.
    • 2. Please enter your current, cumulative graduate level GPA. If you are an incoming student, enter "000"
  5. Please upload a copy of your unofficial transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions you have attended (combined into a single file). If there are any grades you wish to provide an explanation for (such as an Incomplete grade), please do so in the additional comments section.
  6. GRE/GMAT Percentiles (If you have not taken either, or have taken a different graduate level admission examination, enter "000" in each field and upload either your scores from another examination or a document that explains why you have no scores listed).
    • 1. Verbal Reasoning Percentile
    • 2. Quantitative Reasoning Percentile
    • 3. Analytical Writing Percentile
    • 4. Integrated Reasoning Percentile (Only for GMAT, otherwise enter "000")
    • 5. Please upload an unofficial copy of your GRE, GMAT, or other graduate level admission examination scores. If your program does not require a graduate level examination, upload a document indicating so.
  7. Please upload a Resume or Curriculum Vitae.
  8. FERPA Rights
    • 1. Please select one:
    • 2. Please indicate that you understand the following:
  9. Please enter the name and email of 2 individuals that can serve as references for your application. If you have not already, please notify your references that they will receive a reference request from Blackbaud Award Management soon.
    • Reference 1
    • Reference 2
  10. Please enter the name and email of your UK Director of Graduate Studies. Your DGS will also serve as a reference for your application.
  11. The Lyman T. Johnson Fellowship is a University of Kentucky Graduate School recruitment fellowship for under-represented minority students. Please provide the under-represented category (or categories) for which you most closely meet.
  12. If there are any additional comments, details, or clarifications you wish to include regarding your application for this fellowship, enter them in the box below; otherwise, leave this field blank.
  13. I hereby agree that all information contained in these additional responses is true to the best of my knowledge. I also agree to share this information with those making fellowship award decisions, and understand that all information I have provided will be verified before any fellowship is awarded. Further, I agree to allow my name and program of study to be submitted to UK Public Relations for a possible press release upon acceptance of an award. I also understand that by submitting this information I am in no way guaranteed to be awarded a fellowship.
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